RPG PlayerIf you’re new to Elthos RPG, here are a few things to get you started. First of all, you may want to check out the Elthos Core Rules Book which is available when you sign up for an account on the web application. It will give you a brief understanding of how Elthos RPG works and help to familiarize you with the game’s core rules.

One Die System (ODS)

The Elthos RPG makes use of the “One Die System” (ODS) to make games faster and easier to manage. The ODS uses one six-sided die to determine all event and conflict resolution outcomes in the game. However, for those who want a more nuanced system, you can use the rules optional tables to run 2d6, 3d6, or 4d6 systems instead.

The ODS provides a fast-action system with low-numbers math so calculations are simple and everyone can focus on the story and the action rather than the number crunching.


The Gamemaster is your game’s referee and the author of the World you will be playing in. The Gamemaster will be tracking your experience, items, loot, game events, and story outcomes. They’re the ones who keep your game running.

Mythos Machine

This handy web application is what Gamemasters and players use to create and store character information. While it offers more services to Gamemasters, players can treat it as an online system where their character’s data lives. It’s also responsible for handling all the calculations needed to run an Elthos game. And yes, you can download your character into a handy Word document for safe storage and easy printing.

The Mythos Machine is jam-packed with fresh and original content reflecting the imaginations of the Gamemasters using it.

Also if you want to create a world of your own, you can upgrade to a Gamesmaster account and gain access to all the tools required to create your very own Elthos RPG World in whatever genre you wish. It’s amazing fun!

Join now and play in the worlds of the Elthos RPG!