Elthos elthos rpgElthos RPG is recommended for traditional style RPG enthusiasts who are looking for a medium-lightweight system to run their games. Gamesmasters can create worlds for players to thrive in which contain custom content including their own races, classes, towns, weapons, and more. Thus, each world can have its own set of rules by which things operate. Elthos RPG has its own set of core rules, which is included in the ODS Rules Book, but the system itself leaves a huge amount of room for customization by individual GMs.

How to Get the Rules Book

Currently, Players can download the Elthos RPG Core Rules Book after logging in on their newly created account. If you’ve just started on the Mythos Machine, it’s a good time to read the rules so you won’t have any problems understanding how the game mechanics work.

What’s in it?

After downloading the book, you’ll receive a brief introduction of how Elthos RPG came to be and how the mini-system is integrated for the benefit of Gamesmasters and players alike. After that, you’ll be introduced to the game mechanics which are easy to understand.

The Rules Book has everything you need to know to start a game, including a Gamemaster’s Guide, and a step-by-step walk through of the core mechanics and character generation. It also includes handy print sheets, examples of play, and two appendixes of charts and formulas to help you understand the system, and provide options for your preferred style of play.

Reading the Rules Book not only opens the player’s mind but also serves as a guide for Gamemasters when they create their own world. Gamemasters are given tips on how to create things for their worlds, and a helpful guide on creating scenarios and encounters in the worlds they’ve created.

Mythos Machine Web Application

Another alternative to carrying the book around is the Mythos Machine web application (available when you sign up for an account) which allows players to manage their Characters while enabling Gamemasters to have a utility that aids with game prep by offering a comprehensive set of utilities that are fully integrated with the Elthos RPG rules.

If you’re interested in getting the Ethos RPG ODS Rules Book.