Elthos RPG "One Die System" (ODS) Web Application

What is the Elthos RPG ODS Web Application?

The Elthos RPG ODS Web Application is internet software that parallels and supports the Elthos RPG "One Die System" Rules Book.

The Elthos ODS Application is designed to help you run a traditional table top RPG using the Elthos ODS Rules.   It does quite a lot of the grunt-work that is required by most RPG systems.   By crunching the numbers and managing record keeping the Web Application functions as the Gamesmaster's Butler, helping you to do the heavy lifting for your game, and giving you a single consistant place to transcribe your World's Places, Campaigns, Characters, and Adventures.    By storing this information online, it allows you to access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Or you can use the application to print out handy Play Packs that you can then take to your game and use without the computer, if you wish.  It also allows the Gamesmaster to add and/or modify all of the objects within their world, such as Weapons, Armor, Equipment, Mystic Powers, Races, Guild Classes, Skills, and so on.   It even lets Gamesmaster's share their creations with each other through the World Objects Trading Post. 

The Mission

  • Do the Grunt-Work! Crunch The Numbers! Do the Heavy Lifting!
  • Provide Gamesmasters the Freedom to Create your own Worlds.
  • Parallel and Expand Upon the Elthos ODS Core Rule Book.
  • Provide a Place to Keep my World's Records Online for Easy Access from Anywhere.
  • Let GMs Share and Trade Their World with Other Gamesmasters.
  • Make the System Simple so that it can be Easily Extended and Enhanced.

All in all, it's an amazing bit of Gamesmaster's Helper Software!

Who is Elthos ODS RPG For?

The ODS is ideal for creative people such as artists, writers, musicians and actors who would like to create Role Playing Worlds, and have their friends play in them, but are not interested in a very complex rules system, and would like computer support for running their games. 

Those who enjoy traditional RPG rules systems may also find that the ODS is a satisfying distillation of traditional style Role Playing Games and in many respects, keeping intact such standard RPG tropes as Leveling, Classes, Skills, Alignment and so on, while at the same time resolving some of what I consider to be the difficulties that these mechanisms introduced in their original formulations.   I've attempted in the process to create a system that is easily modified and extended by the Gamesmaster, yet by default has everything you need to start and run your world as easily as possible.

How do I use it?

The system is designed to be as easy for you to use as possible.  When you sign up as a Gamesmaster the Web Application creates a Default World for you, providing your world with a small set of what most Worlds need to get started with a typical Swords & Sorcery style Campaign.   This includes a basic set of Classes, Skills, Mystic Powers, Weapons, Armors, Equipement, Races, and so on.  From there you can add or modify whatever you want to your World.   Do you want to run a Space Opera?  No problem.  Just go to the Weapons and start adding your favorite Lewiston Ray Guns, add Plasma Shields to your Armors, and Hyper Space Transports to your Equipment lists and you're ready to go.   Want a Race of Pigmie Elves with Insectoid Eyes and Poison Scoprion Stings?  No Problem.   You can add anything your imagination can come up with to the system, and run the your World however you want.  

Each World also has it's own Configuration Options.   Do you think that Leveling takes too long?  No problem, just increase the Experience Gains Modifier Variable from 5 to 10.   Think that Wizards should grow in Power more quickly than Fighters?   Not a problem.   Just modify the Base Experience value for Wizards from 30 to 10, and voila - Wizards will grow in power faster than your fighters.   Want to reset everything back to the defaults?   Easily done with a click of the button.  

What Features does Elthos ODS RPG have?

Elthos ODS Web Application Features (Phase I)
  • The Elthos RPG "One Die System" 
    • Core Rules Book (PDF) for Free Download
    • Elthos ODS Web Application
      • Gamesmaster's Toolbox
        • Player Management
        • Character Generation & Maintenance
          • Race & Gender
          • Guild Classes
          • Skills & Mystic Powers
          • Character History, Personality, Social Class, etc.
          • Equipment, Weapons & Armor Purchasing & Selling
          • Adventure Events Archive
          • Experience Gains Calculations
          • Alignment Changes System
        • Manage World Objects
          • Modify and Add to all the objects in your World
            • Armor
            • Equipment
            • Weapons
            • Races
            • Guild Classes
            • Heritages
            • Cultures
            • Skills
            • Mystic Powers
          • Trade Objects with other Gamesmasters
      • Reports
        • General Resolution Matrix
        • Players Contact Information List
        • Print World, Places, Campaigns & Adventures (HTML or Word)
        • Combat Calculation Matrix
        • Combat Melee Tracker SpreadSheet (Excel)
        • Lots More to come...
      • World Weaver Studio
        • Create Worlds (Configurations)
        • Create Places (History, Climate, Geography, etc)
        • Create Campaigns (Theme, Background, Notes, etc)
        • Create Adventures (Objectives, Maps, Notes, etc)
        • Create Adventure Groups (Player Character & NPC)

Current Beta & Future Development (Phase II)

  • World Weaving Guide [Gamesmasters] (this section is under development)
    • Advice on Creating Worlds, Places, Campaigns, Adventures
    • Example Elthos Vignettes & Stories
    • Advice on Creating World Maps
    • Elthos  Cosmology & The Celestial Island
      • Elthos Tarot Deck & Tablet of Correspondences
      • Elthos Concept Maps (Genre, Politics, Alignment, etc)
      • Elthos Story Template Cards & System
  • Gamesmaster's Guide (Styles, Concepts, Examples)
    • Gamesmastering Styles, Techniques & Advice
    • Gamesmastering for Kids, Teens, and Adults
    • RPGs as an Educational Tool
    • Guide on Professional Gamesmastering

When will the Elthos RPG Web Application be completely Finished?


It is my thinking that the Elthos RPG will be a continuously evolving and improving system over time. So as long as I have anything to say about it, it will never be completely finished. I want it to simply get better and better over time!

... I got this ...